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The Haus of Bellefleur offers services in both public and private art commissions, facilitation, speaking engagements and consultation for working at heights . Stephanie’s mission is to engage young people, help create sustainability through the arts and provide colour to grey spaces from both grassroots to high impact projects.


aRT Commissions

Stephanie offers services for both private and public spaces, original custom order canvas paintings, murals as well as reproductions and prints. Stephanie has been hired on several projects from the city of Toronto, Facebook and Vancouver BIA. In addition Stephanie is also on the Patch Artist Roster as a current Patch Artist and offers works to developers for current hoarding projects. Learn more below!

Sister Cities Day 1 - July 6 2017 - Alia Youssef-27.jpg

Facilitation and Speaking Engagements

Stephanie is available for hire as an Artist Facilitator and Public Speaker, stephanie has experience in leading youth engaged workshops sharing expertise in both Public Art and Mural works for both the Catholic and Public District School Board as well as for The Missisauga Living Arts Centre and Toronto Brick Works for Mural Routes, Mural Art Symposium.

STEPS Equilibrium July 10 Image_ 045 by Sharon Mendonca (1).jpg

Consult and Production Coordination

Stephanie offers both pre administrative planning and consult as well as onsite production coordination for large scale - high impacts projects. Stephanie is experienced and certified in all working at heights fall arrest systems, use of all arial heights, elevated platforms and swing stage operation. Stephanie has worked on 8 to 23 story murals from local to international street artists which includes, Artist Phelgm, '“UK International Street Artist 2016” St. Clair Mural 8 Stories. Adrian Hayles, “Toronto Based Artist 2017” YONGE BIA Music Mural 22 stories and Artist, Okuda San Miguel “Spanish International Street Artist 2018” Equilibrium Mural 23 Stories. Stephanie is available for hire for both local and international projects.